Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Calligraphy- Beauty beyond Writing

 Calligraphy is the word that has been derived from Greek words “kallos” and “graphos” which means the art of “beautiful handwriting”. This form of writing in hand has a strong attraction in itself as it is a form of visual art. Calligraphy is well known for its gracefulness and elegance.

We see this form of art being preserved in most of the historic documents. It was performed using broad bases like brushes etc. There have been modifications made in use of calligraphic instruments like the nibs and pens of different bases. These pens or brushes are used for different purposes giving a smooth or rough look as per the requirement.

Everybody wishes to learn the art of ‘penmanship’. It not only helps in handwriting improvement but also provides various other advantages.

·         It makes the handwriting legible and more readable
·         It increases the concentration by consciously involving your mind
·         It develops artistic skills which enhances the creativity
·         It increases patience and refreshes the mood

Write Right, through its team of experts excel in providing calligraphy training. This program is designed in two levels (basic and advanced) which also focus on providing handwritingtips for better legibility.

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